Trump takes aim at vaccines, names Robert F. Kennedy Jr. head of new commission to expose dangers of mercury preservative (Thimerosal)

After taking aim at Big Pharma’s monopoly profits earlier today, President-elect Donald Trump is going right for the throat of the corrupt, criminally run vaccine industry by naming Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as head of a new commission to study “vaccine safety.” This is the beginning of the implosion of the decades-long vaccine cover-up conspiracy […]

Trump’s America: Stanley Black & Decker plans to move more manufacturing back to US, bringing hundreds of jobs with it

Malls in America have been struggling economically, and big box anchor stores like Sears feel the crunch. As reported by the Chicago Tribune, Sears revenues have dropped consecutively for five years. They need cash, so Sears decided to raise nearly $1 billion by selling Craftsman tools – a 90 year-old jewel in Sears crown. There’s probably not a garage […]

WSJ: George Soros lost $1 Billion After Trump Won

The Wall Street Journal reports Thursday that billionaire left-wing financier George Soros lost nearly $1 billion as a result of Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the November 2016 presidential election. (Article by Joel B. Pollak from The Journal‘s Gregory Zuckerman and Juliet Chung report: Billionaire hedge-fund manager George Soros lost nearly $1 billion as a result […]

This announcement by Donald Trump is going to make Big Pharma go berserk (podcast)

In case you haven’t heard the great news, President-elect Donald Trump is already taking aim at Big Pharma’s obscene profits. He’s announced his intention to make them (finally!) engage in competitive bidding to supply prescription medications to the federal government, which purchases over $320 billion a year in prescription drugs. (Yep, almost a third of […]

Trump defends Cabinet picks disagreeing with him: They should “express their own thoughts”

President-elect Donald Trump on Friday defended his Cabinet nominees repeatedly breaking from his own policy positions during their confirmation hearings this week. (Article by Mark Hensch from The Senate began interviewing Trump’s departmental picks this week, often finding they disagree with their would-be boss on everything from climate change to waterboarding. All of my […]

Nicole Kidman: It’s time to accept, support Trump

Nicole Kidman says it’s time for Americans to both accept and support Donald Trump as the country’s next president, saying, “He’s there and let’s go.” (Article by Judy Kurtz from “I would just say he’s now elected,” Kidman said in an interview this week with BBC News when asked her opinion of the president-elect, […]

The entire mainstream media and all fact-checkers LIED about where GM builds its cars just to smear Donald Trump

Get used to it: The so-called ‘mainstream media’ discredited itself with fake news stories before and after the November election to harm President-elect Donald J. Trump, and the MSM will continue to do so throughout his tenure. In recent days, most of the media breathlessly repeated a lie told by the propagandist division of General […]

This is a coup: the Homeland Security takeover of US elections Jan 8

On Friday, the traditional day of the week for quietly releasing big news that will hopefully be ignored by the public—and also obscured by the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting—the chief of Homeland Security announced that his office will be taking over US elections. (Article by Jon Rappoport, republished from If you can’t see the […]